Time Saving House Cleaning Tips

So, you don’t like doing house work. Can’t afford to have someone clean for you? Here are some interesting tips to help you get out of the house, and out doing something you’d rather be doing.

There are certain things that anyone can get by with doing weekly, monthly, and then those jobs that just need to be done every 6 months to a year. These tips will help you cut down on the time you spend each week, and those we can sweep under the rug for a while!

To start off with I try to do something each night, that way I don’t have to spend a day doing just cleaning. It makes it a lot easier and you get your day off to do exactly what you want to do cleaning wipes.

There is some way that those little dust bunnies just come back, no matter how hard we try to dust them away. So the first chore is:

Furniture: Dust all hard surfaces.

Floors: vacuum or mop (dust bunnies love all the tile and hardwood that we have in our homes now)

Now those two things can be done while listening to some good tunes or just catching up on some pent up energy.

There is one thing that we must do every day and that is eat. So I like to clean the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner. I spend a few moments doing the following while I wait for the water to boil.

Kitchen sink: Scrub and disinfect

Appliances: wipe down surfaces

Microwave: clean and deodorize

Refrigerator: Clean interior

Okay so now we have the easy stuff out of the way and we get to do the hard stuff! No one and I really don’t know anyone that likes to clean the bathroom. But it’s gotta be done!

Counters: Wipe down and disinfect

Bathtub/shower: Scrub down and clean

Toilet: Scrub (with a toilet brush) and disinfect

And the last of the weekly chores. Change and Launder the sheets.

The Monthly chores may take a little more time to do, but you’ll find that once you get started it is not to much to take on. Maybe even do just one or two a week.

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