Smalto House

Founded in 1962 by acclaimed tailor Francesco Smalto, Smalto House has dressed stylish men around the world for half a century. Smalto style, a subtle blend of classic good taste and refinement, has influenced generations of men who appreciate immaculate lines and understated sophistication. Currently run by the young designer prodigy, Youn Chong Bak, Smalto creations are more than ever a great value for any man seeking discreet and elegant personal style.
In 2012, this formidable house of masculine couture received the “Living Heritage Company” label and is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary with the publication of the book “Francesco Smalto, 50 Years of Masculine Elegance.”

Francesco Smalto Couture Suit

  • Double-Breasted Coat, 6 on 2 Buttoning
  • Super 150s Wool, Charcoal Gray Chalk Stripes
  • Rolled Shoulder
  • Hand Over-Stitching 4 mm from Lapel Border

Francesco Smalto Couture Suit

  • Single Breasted, One-Button Suit
  • Super 150′s wool, navy blue/white chalk stripes
  • Diagonally-cut flap pockets
  • Peak Lapels
  • Rolled Shoulders
  • Hand Over-Stitching 4 mm from Lapel Border

Smalto Three-Piece Suit

  • Single Breasted, Two Button Suit
  • Silk and wool houndstooth fabric
  • Smalto Lapel and notch
  • Handmade Milanese buttonholes
  • Four button double breasted waistcoat

Smalto “50th Year Edition” Suit

  • Navy Blue, Two-Button Suit
  • Special Anniversary Round Buttonholes
  • Five Buttonhole Sleeve
  • Last Sleeves Buttons in Horn with the “50″ Signature

Smalto Pea Coat

  • Six Buttons
  • Pure Wool
  • Removable Goose Feather Liner
  • Double Vented with Half-Belt

Smalto By – Sports Coat

  • Two button Coat
  • Wool Plaid — beige and blue
  • Soft Shoulders
  • Elbow Patch

Smalto By – Suit with Shawl Lapels

  • Single-Breasted, One Button Suit
  • Super 120′s Wool, Gray
  • Diagonal-Cut Piped Pockets

Smalto By – Unstructured Jacket

  • Two Button Jacket
  • Micro-Patterned Brown and Blue
  • Contrasting Calfskin Blue Velvet Fabric on Back of Collar
  • Blue Velvet Calfskin Piped Flaps

Smalto By – Overcoat

  • Three Button Overcoat
  • Beige Cashmere
  • Vertical Flap Pockets

Smalto By – Suit

  • Two Button Coat
  • Super 130s Wool, Gray Plaid
  • Flap Pockets