Buying a Car – Tips on How to Maintain It

In this article we will look at some general service hints that apply to any car whether you buy it new or used. In most cases, these maintenance costs are not covered by your factory and extended warranty, but are important considerations in getting the best and most reliable service from your car.

The first consideration is where you take it for service. Many people simply take it back to the dealer where they bought it. The advantage there is that if they discover anything that needs fixing under the warranty, they will fix it for you when you take it in for service. But be aware that you pay a premium for dealer service in most things, and you can often cut the cost of that routine maintenance by 30% or more by using a good independent repair shop. And the independent shop may be a bit more observant in pointing out other problems with your car that you can have fixed under warranty back at the dealership Ford Mot Reading.

Check with friends or business associates to see where they get their car serviced. Many shops offer free shuttle transportation when you drop off or pick up your car. If you have a more exotic car, be sure they specialize in that kind of car. Since the cost of parts can often be more than the cost of labor, you should realize that OEM parts from a dealer usually cost 50% more than the same parts from a good after market supplier, when available. But your dealer always uses OEM factory parts. And items like tires, brakes, filters and routine maintenance parts are inevitably a good bit more expensive from the dealership.

Once you decide where you want to have your car serviced, stick with them if they do a good job for you. There’s no substitute for a good relationship with a repair shop when it comes time for major work or diagnostics. And many a shop will take a one time customer for a “ride”, and take the easy route to fixing your problem rather than the most cost effective one. A little story…

I had a girlfriend once with an old Ford Mustang. Her turn signals were not working and she took it into the Ford dealership for repair. They wanted to charge her $220 to replace the whole turn sign mechanism and wiring harness, a big job as it involves dismantling the whole steering column. She couldn’t afford it and came to me asking what she should do.

I had a hunch and picked up a new blinker relay from the auto parts store for $3. I reached under the dash, popped out the old one and stuck the new one in there.

Presto… the problem was fixed. I was outraged that the dealer was going to charge her $220 when a simple $3 part fixed the problem. I went down there and complained bitterly and they refunded her diagnostic charges anyhow.

In general, car repair shops are notorious for fixing things that don’t need fixing, and not always because they are completely dishonest… but because it’s faster than trying to figure out where the exact cause of the problem really lies. It’s the old analogy of fixing a loose nail with a sledgehammer. So finding a good reliable service shop can save you a lot of money over the years.

I recommend you keep a log of your maintenance. It will help you do it regularly and that will prolong the life of your car. And it also looks good when it comes time to sell the car.

Here are some service issues that are critical and some hints that not everyone is aware of.

Oil Changes

The average new car recommends an oil change every 7500 miles. I like to change mine twice during that period. Motor oil is cheap and nothing wears an engine out faster than dirty motor oil. The simple process of combustion produces a lot of by-products, acid, carbon, and contamination from the air. And that contaminates your motor oil pretty quickly. I change it at 4000 but not the oil filter, and then again at 7500 and change the oil filter at that time. I maintain the same schedule through 7500, 15,000, 22,500, 30,000 and so on.

I use a high grade of motor oil… I have always liked Valvoline. But Quaker State, Pennzoil and other top brands are probably equally good. Stay away from the bargain brands. Quality lubrication is essential to your engine’s longevity. In general you want it to look clear and green on the oil dipstick… when it starts getting dark, it’s time to change it, and when it gets black it’s way overdue.

The exception to this rule is that some synthetic oils which are black in appearance when new. And unlike foods, where “synthetic” is a dirty word, in motor oils, the synthetic variety offers better lubrication than the petroleum based “natural” oils and costs a good bit more as well. If you have an expensive car, it’s probably well worth the extra cost for the higher quality motor oil.

People who ignore things like routine oil changes because they are too busy are very foolish. Dirty motor oil wears out an engine very quickly and failure to keep it clean may very likely void your warranty.

Transmission oil is another item. Factory service often doesn’t require it be changed more than every 30,000 miles. But depending on how and where you drive it can get dirty and worn a lot quicker than than that. In general you want the fluid to appear cherry red and have almost no smell when you pull the transmission oil dipstick. When it is reddish brown and has a burnt smell, then your transmission is suffering. Many cars do not allow an easy change of the transmission fluid. It is often necessary to drop the pan of transmission to drain it, and then that usually holds 3-4 quarts and does not change the majority of the fluid which is in the torque converter.

Some cars like my Mercury Mountaineer, have a separate drain plug for the torque converter and allow a change of fluid to be relatively complete. But many others do not. My old Ford Explorer was that way. Changing the fluid by dropping the pan only changed 1/3 the transmission fluid, so if I waited til it was brown and burnt, one change did not do it. I installed a drain plug in my transmission pan, and changed it 5 times running it a few miles after each change, until I figured I had diluted the old burnt fluid adequately enough. So keep an eye on that fluid and change it often.

Manual transmissions don’t use transmission fluid… they use a 90W gear oil which generally doesn’t need to be changed very often. But keep your clutch adjusted properly with a little bit of freeplay at the top, and don’t “ride the clutch”. Be very careful about resting your foot on the clutch pedal as the weight of the foot can partially depress the pedal, and start to reach the edge of engagement, and this will wear out your clutch’s throw-out bearing very quickly.

Older cars all used carburetors to mix gas and air and squirt it into the engine for combustion. Newer cars mostly use fuel injection, and while this often works really well and controls emissions, you need to keep those fuel injectors clean. Your local auto parts shop sells a number of brands of fuel injector cleaner and I recommend adding it to a full tank of gas at least with every oil change. It’s a lot cheaper than having your fuel injection system overhauled. And change that air filter regularly or whenever it starts to appear dirty. Nothing slows performance more quickly and gunks up your carburetor or fuel injectors than a dirty air filter.

Tires, Brakes and Shock Absorbers

Other items like tires, brakes and shock absorbers are generally not covered by warranties… they are considered routine maintenance items. Choose your tires carefully… there are a wide range of tire grades, priced accordingly. Invariably those bargain prices you see advertised are junk tires and not worth your time unless you are just fixing the car up to sell. Many tires will offer long mileage warranties, but read the fine print… often that’s “pro-rated” and applied to the “list” price of a new one, not the highly discounted price you bought them for. This is an old scam. Put 20,000 miles on those 50,000 mile tires and you may find the adjusted price of a new pair under warranty is higher than what you can buy them or a comparable set for outright.

How to Avoid Online Sports Betting Frauds

One of the keys of the sports betting world that many people seem to miss is that money management is just as important as learning to pick the games themselves. Without successful money management, all of the solid handicapping in the world won’t mean a hill of beans. With that in mind, what is the proper way to manage how much money you place on each bet? The simplest way is to stick to a fixed bet amount, which will give you a chance to have a profit at the end of the month แทงบอลออนไลน์.

One of the dirtiest little secrets of the sports handicapping industry is one that the sites try to keep hidden as much as they possibly can. They want, more than anything else, for people to be in the dark about what they do. For 9 out of every 10 sites, money is made by using affiliate advertising. How this works is fairly simple, and it should raise major red flags in your head. They allow bookies to advertise their online book at the tipping website, hopefully enticing you to sign up with that sports book. When you do sign up, the bookie will give a certain percentage of your losses back to the tipping site.

When we give out our picks, we expect them to hit at a rate of at least 66%. That is a number that we have successfully passed each and every year, so there is a reasonable expectation that our picks will do that well. Given the odds of the picks that we give out, if you are to make bets of the same amount each time, you will come out with a profit at the end of the month. Since we are confident that we will hit 2 out of every 3 picks, you should go with this type of money management system in order to ensure the most profitability. The problem comes when people start varying their bet amounts. When that happens, the one miss out of three can be more devastating than it should be.

There are times when we hit much more than 66% of our picks. When that happens, we are able to produce even bigger profits for our customers. Given a fixed bet amount, you will take home huge money when we are able to hit 75% or 80% of our picks. With positive and successful tip history [] for better money management of your betting bankroll, there is no reason why you should not be a winner every month.

Use a Sports Betting System to Your Advantage!

In this world, everything has an order, a system. When you were young, you were probably taught different things in school that involves a specific order or system. In math or science, in order to solve specific problems, you had to follow a set of rules. Well, now that you are older, you still need to follow a set of rules in order to succeed in life. If you are a sports bettor, then you probably know this already. Or if not, then at least now you know เว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์.

What Sports System Should You Choose?

First of all, you should really focus on what you want. Are you planning to bet on sports for the long haul or do you want to satisfy your cravings just for the meanwhile? If you say yes to the former, then you should put in mind that there are lots of systems out there that are considered ‘trends’, meaning, that system worked only for a short period of time and it can be assumed that many people lost their money because of that failed system. Well, in order for that not to happen to you – the losing part, that is – you should really know how to choose best sports betting system.

You should choose which sport you would bet on. If you are interested in basketball but you don’t know the ins and outs of that sport, then move on to another sport which you are more knowledgeable of. If you don’t choose a sport that you like and are knowledgeable of, then chances are high that you will still lose a huge amount of money. After you decide on the sport that you will focus on, then you should go about reading and learning from the pros by asking how to choose best sports betting system.

How to Win in Sports Betting Slowly But Surely

Sports Betting covers a wide range of sports that include soccer, one of the most popular sports in the world.

Are you mad about soccer? Have you ever thought of making some quick money while enjoy watching soccer matches at your own home? Sports betting provides you an avenue to achieve your goal

There are many people trying to predict the results of soccer matches to make money in sports betting. Well, some make it but many lose out in the long run. Why? it is because the probability of guessing the match result correctly is low. For a match that has a predictable result (one-sided game), the odds of winning it is too low making it an unattractive bet สมัคร Royal Online.

In fact, sports betting is all about the statistics and be disciplined in following some methods of placing your bets. If you take a look at any major soccer league in the world, you will realize that at the end of every season the distribution of total goals matches is a bell-shape curve. This means 0 goal is 4 goals about 10%. Base on this strategy, you may place your bets for 2 and 3 goals for all matches throughout the season and you can guess more than 50% of the matches correctly. By following this method, You may not make a lot of money but you can be sure that you can make some money.

The fact is soccer matches are traditionally having low scores. How many matches do you find with scores of 6 goals in a season? Rarely! That is why the odds bookmakers give for 6 goals and above in sports betting are normally quite high because the chances that you will lose is quite high as well. Therefore, it is very important that you do not be distracted by the high odds given by the bookmakers while you are winning in your betting. Remember that the high odds is just a “bait” to lure you. Isn’t it better to keep the income streaming in slowly but steadily?

Micro-Gaming Has Announced the Release of New Casino Games

Micro-gaming is proud to provide online players the gift of three brand new online casino games. Although the exact release date is not yet known it is expected to take place in early June. Two of the games which are expected to be launched are an online slots and a not yet named table game แทงหวยฮานอย.

The FIFA World Cup 2010 officially starts on the June 11th and for this reason Micro-gaming has decided to launch one of it slots games dedicated to the football competition. The 2010 World Cup is set to be held in South Africa, the first African country to ever have held the event. The suggested football themed game will be based around a safari idea. The game has already been given the proud name of ‘Soccer Safari’ which is very original to say the least. Whilst the name may not be much, the roller symbols are very much in keeping with the theme of a safari with players able to choose from elephants, warthogs to lions.

You can expect to find all the usual bonus features which are common for micro-gaming games especially with its fantastic sound which comes together at the stadium arena.

From a slots game set in South Africa to another which is set in Paris, the city considered by many to be the city of love. The atmosphere in the game is both exhilarating and romantic, you are in a treat with the excellent images of French cuisine and sites shown.

The other game which is being launched is the table game. This is a new addition to the popular Gold Series, a variation of high-speed poker. The game will combine lightning poker action with the best audio-visual effects you would expect to find on such a high quality brand. High speed poker is based on the three card poker variant of poker and is also a so-called game that allows players to compete with up to five-card hands against the dealers. Players have the opportunity to place bets “face offs”, “Ante Bets” and have an optional bonus feature. The best part of the game is that you have to set-up this online.

Quick And Easy Ways To Clear Your Home of Junk

Like Mary Poppins but backwards…

One thing is for sure: we all have a lot more stuff than we used to. With televisions getting bigger and bigger, Swedish furniture manufactures pumping out cheap tables and even cheaper sofas by the boat load, our homes are getting over loaded with stuff that it just doesn’t have the space for. Have you tripped over anything in your home lately and then struggled to find a place to put whatever it is that has been living in the hallway for the past month or two? It is all too easy for rooms to end up like junk shops without us even noticing. Not to worry though, because there are a few quick and easy ways for you to de-clutter your home Tramadol 200mg.

Garage Sale

Having a garage sale is not just an American thing. All you need to do is gradually migrate all the hurdles built up around your home, empty all your bulging cupboards and sift through your aging wardrobe and dump them all in a pile in your garage. Next stick a note through your neighbour’s doors and sell all your stuff when they come round. Spare cash in your pocket too.


Alternatively, if you don’t have any neighbours or you just feel like being a little bit more charitable, take all this stuff and drop it off at your local charity shop. In fact, some charity shops can even come round with a van and pick up everything you want to give them. This is especially good when you have big bits of furniture.

Recycling Company

There are companies out there that specialise in waste removal London style, house clearances and office clearance London style that you can pay to come round and gut your house. They will arrange a time, turn up with a big van and a gang of strong arms and strip your house of everything you don’t want. This obviously costs money but can save you a lot of time and effort.

Logistics Management: Which Option Is the Most Effective?

In shipping, logistics management refers to the management of the shipping process in three respects: transportation planning, transportation monitoring, and the measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These disciplines form what is known as a Transportation Management System (TMS), which manages the shipping process from the planning phase to the quality assessment phase. With the exception of certain administrative functions of transportation monitoring, logistics informs each aspect of a TMS. But the best logistical resource for shipping management can be a matter of debate ofw business ideas.

The Emergence of 3PL

In recent years, Third Party Logistics (3PL) has become a viable alternative for companies that don’t have – and often can’t afford – an in-house logistics department. Also known as freight brokers, 3PL providers offer different levels of logistics, from basic shipping services to comprehensive, innovative shipping management. For companies that need a singular shipping service (e.g. cross docking) instead of a comprehensive logistical approach, 3PL can be an economical alternative to creating a logistics department. But for companies that need the highest level of logistics (comprehensive, innovative shipping management), contracting with a 3PL provider and maintaining an in-house logistics department can be similarly expensive.

But there is an affordable alternative to creating an in-house department or using a high-level 3PL provider: logistics software, also known as TMS software. Featuring a user-friendly interface that allows non-experts to plan, monitor, and assess the value of shipping arrangements, TMS software occupies a unique niche in the shipping logistics industry, one that allows shippers to supply their own logistics without hiring in-house experts.

If your company is considering alternatives to entering another 3PL contract, the software’s benefits could provide exactly what you need.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Video Production Company

Video production has been called an art or a science and it based on the latest results that we can see online and on TV, it would seem that it is a little bit of both. With so many companies operating in the field, entrepreneurs everywhere have reasons to be happy. Options are indeed numerous and production costs aren’t that high either, especially considering that a well-made commercial pays off in no time. However, make the wrong choice, apply the wrong concept, and you will end up losing your production budget will go to waste. The secret to a good commercial is an innovative concept. To turn your vision into reality and promote your cause or product in a professional way, the first thing you have to do is hire the right video production company. A great mistake that people make is that they imagine that creativity will save everything. This is true, but only to a certain extent, because even the most innovative idea will be unnoticed when poorly executed video production company.

The main reason why you should work with a professional production firm is easy to guess: performance. Professional companies have skilled creative managers and state of the art filming, photo shooting and editing equipment. Although essence is more important than form, you cannot expect a low quality video commercial to be broadcast on national television. First impression does matter and the more high definition the media project is, the better. This applies for music videos, product photo shooting, social campaigns and all the other types of promotional materials. A well-made video or series of photos that use proper placement and lighting denote professionalism and that is always a good thing. If a creative concept helps you persuade or inspire your clients, technical quality is the element that draws attention.

But there is more than technical mastery to specialized companies. As previously mentioned, media production is in equal measure an art and a science, so there as to be a creative background to every project. You have to know your targeted clients and you need to know how to adjust your idea to the market. Unfortunately, this is not something you can do alone. By working alongside experts, you will be able to learn the smart strategies that turn an average video into an extraordinary one. That little extra element that turns an OK commercial into a viral video. The third reason why you should work with a certified company is that it provides various services. for best results, choose a group of professionals who have an extensive portfolio. This should include TV commercials, social campaigns, documentaries, short videos, photo shoots and so on. have a look on their website too. This is the fastest and easiest way of making sure that the company you are about to hire truly stands up to its name.

Introduction to Security Camera Systems

A security camera system basically consists of a number of security cameras, a digital video recorder to record the cameras, and the wiring and connectors to connect it all together.

Security cameras come in a variety of styles:

• Bullet cameras, with a cylinder shape and a built-in lens, are weatherproof and are great for outdoor applications indoor camera B0896W9SL9

• Dome cameras, with a dome shape and a built-in lens, are typically used indoors although some come with an ‘armor housing’ which allows them to be used outdoors

• C-Mount or ‘box’ cameras, with a rectangular shape and a lens that is selected and attached separately, is used indoors only unless it’s enclosed in a separate housing for outdoor use. These cameras are typically used in commercial settings

• Hidden cameras can come in a variety of shapes including super-small ‘eye’ type cameras that can easily be hidden, or hidden cameras that are designed to look like something else, such as a teddy bear, a smoke detector, or a sprinkler head. These cameras are usually designed for indoor use only and have a built-in lens.

• Pan – Tilt – Zoom (PTZ) cameras allow a remote operator to pan (back and forth), tilt (up and down) and zoom the lens out and in. They are usually large and can be used inside or out.

Your choice for each camera in your system will depend on whether you want to install it inside or outside, what size lens you need, the resolution (the higher the resolution the clearer the image), whether you need infrared for nighttime viewing, and the mount type (do you need to mount it on a wall, ceiling, pole, etc.) and of course, your budget.

Betting on Sports – Online Sport Betting Made Easy

Sports betting gaining popularity because of its availability over the Internet. Like many other activities for instance shopping and other that people can easily perform, betting can also be done online. There are various sports betting sites and forums on the Internet that people can access from their homes or any place they feel comfortable. Online sports betting has not only made bets easier than old traditional ways of doing it but has also made it convenient for bettors to collect statistical data and information about sport events UFABET.

In sports betting online you can receive updates on sports lines and odds through the Internet by checking them online. You can also receiving updating emails. Mostly betters are on the view that while betting online they find more chances to win than betting with the local bookies that can be due to the fact that over Internet you can compare different odds and betting lines and then you can choose the one best among others.

Online Sports betting has made it convenient for bettors to place their bets. This has increased the interest of people in sports betting plus now people place more bets than before but this habit can be dangerous if not controlled on time because one should only place bets according to his resources but not beyond his means because it can cause him losing his precious things to pay the debt. As there are equal chances of winning as well as losing so one should invest only that money that he has extra. Money management is very important issue that should be carefully handled carefully. Apart from money management taking advices form experts and placing bets after careful analysis of both participant teams can be a good tactic to become rich through online sports betting.